Leather Repair
Cleaning & Conditioning in San Diego & Orange County


31 Years Experience Restoring Leather

Repair and recolor leather furniture and auto leather and vinyl.

Expert Repair of Scuffs, Tears, and Faded Leather

Restore Classic Car Leather

 Restore vintage autos or classic car leather

Repair leather that is restorable, without the high cost of replacement on classic cars.

Repair tears, scuffs and wear on auto leather and vinyl


Get your car looking good for sale, or buy time before you spend hundreds of dollars on replacement. 

Expert Color Matching


Restore quality leather furniture to match it's original color in most cases. Modeled leather or saddle looking leather is something I will discuss on a case by case basis. 

Restaurants, Salons, Medical Offices, Business Offices


Repair tears on vinyl booths in restaurants, hair salons, chiropractors, and professional offices. 

Repair Auto Leather Interiors


Repair and recolor car leather seats, door panels, dashboards, consoles and steering wheels. 

Restore worn and faded leather without the many thousands of dollars for replacement.


Repair cat scratches, dog damage, and worn and faded leather sofas and chairs. Leather repair in San Diego

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